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Links to other web sites that Jim has created:
  • Jim's Retirement Announcement  2018.
  • The Love Camp  2017.  A temporary web site to be used as reference while the new web site is being created.  (A website previously known as that I created in 2016.)
  • Star of Shamash  2014.  My art project intended for the Burning Man Caravansary theme.  (Unfortunately, this art project is still not completed.)
  •  2011.  A web page that I created with the intention of putting all of my Burning Man pictures there.  But then came Facebook and it was too easy to just upload my images there.  Maybe after I retire I will have the time to complete this website.
  •  2008.  [This website.] The homepage of Jim Foerster, including a story of my 2008 Burning Man experience and many of my 2008 Burning Man images.
  • Unturned Stones  2006.  Written for a friend, but never used.
  • TF Creative Arts Center  2006.  Written for a friend, for her art business.
  • Fine Art of Robin Woodward-Entry  2005.  My first attempt at a professional business web site, but I'm no longer maintaining it.
  •  2002.  A website to show off my 360° images taken with my "OneShot" camera mirror/lens adapter.  Unfortunately, the equipment and the web plugins have become obsolete.
  • Diamondfeather  2002.  Images of an underground house designed by Jay Pace.
  • Yellowstone: images & illusions  2001.  An incomplete website dedicated to my "photoshopped" images of Yellowstone NP.
  • Dusty's Place  2000.  A website dedicated to Dusty, my Ragdoll cat.
  • Pompano Beach Dive  1999.  This story was written by my brother.
  • House of 6 Cats  1998.  This was my very first web page that grew into a complete web site.