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Ferguson Desert, Great Basin, western Utah.

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5 July 2002; I woke up early and drove through the Great Basin in western Utah in the Ferguson Desert where I decided to take this picture. Looking west (along the road to the left, beside my truck parked on the side of the road) is the Snake Range in eastern Nevada and looking east, toward the sunrise (along the road to the right), is Confusion Range. Looking north (across the road) is the Buckskin Hills of the Conger Range and looking southwest is Burbank Hills. The night before, I was hoping to find a campsite at the Great Basin National Park but it was full. So I stopped at Baker, Nevada, where I luckily found a dirt parking lot next to a stream (perhaps Baker Creek) where camping overnight was only $5.00 and payable at the bar so late arrival is okay. I thought that was cool but I didn't sleep very well as it was very hot that night.

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