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Table of Contents:

  1. Slide 1  Distant view of Diamondfeather from D&B.
  2. Slide 2  Distant view from Filer Ave.
  3. Slide 3  Private Property
  4. Slide 4  Closer view
  5. Slide 5  Driveway
  6. Slide 6  Garage
  7. Slide 7  Design element
  8. Slide 8  Back of house
  9. Slide 9  View from across the pond
  10. Slide 10  View of pond from covered deck
  11. Slide 11  Back of house
  12. Slide 12  Light tower
  13. Slide 13  Side view
  14. Slide 14  Side view
  15. Slide 15  Other side of garage
  16. Slide 16  Distant view
  17. Slide 17  View of the pond's water source
  18. Slide 18  View of the pond's water source
  19. Slide 19  View of the pond's dam
  20. Slide 20  Scenic view of the house by the pond.
Author: Jim Foerster created this presentation on 5/3/2002.

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"Diamondfeather" was an underground home designed by architect Jay Pace.  It was one of four homes designed by Jay Pace and built in, or in the vicinity of, Twin Falls, ID.  Unfortunately, this home no longer exists; but it's memory will live on.

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